There are 7 kinds of sea turtles all over the world. 2 of them come to lay their eggs on the coast of Turkey. All are located in 20 nesting beaches in Turkey. The Çıralı Beach is home to Caretta caretta sea turtles.

The caretta caretta is about to leave the eggs and the shrimp will start to look like the middle of spring and mate around here. It continues to lay eggs until mid August to the beginning of August. Caretta caretta Eggs lay in 2 or 3 years and make 2 or 3 nests at each visit. It leaves an average of 80 eggs per yard. Between 45 and 60 days after leaving eggs; From the middle of July until the beginning of October the pups continue to come out. The survival rate of the flies is 1 in 1000.

In the whole process, the beach part and the back part which can effect the beach should be dark and silent. A light on the beach or at the back of the beach will cause the offspring with low survival rates to go to the back instead of the sea. The cubs that can not reach the sea until the morning are lost by the rising of the sun. From the first day of June until the middle of September, Çiralı vomited from the evening to the patience and the rear part is being tried by the officials to keep the Caretta carettalar quiet and dark.

Since 1994, Caretta Caretta Sea Turtle protection work has been done on Çıralı Beach. During the first years of work, the average number of nests was around 30, but now it is around 100.

The Çıralı people took the caretta caretta nest from 30 to 90 and achieved the greatest success.


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